About Us

Who we are

About us

We employ a global multi-strategy investment approach, opportunistically engaging in a broad array of trading and investing strategies across a wide group of crypto experts.

Our specialized divisions have built and continually evolve our core infrastructure platform.
This enables our trading teams to independently pursue unique investment strategies within one centrally-driven risk and operational framework.

TradeWinds has differentiated itself from other alternative investment management firms through our consistent ability to generate high quality returns for our investors.

TradeWinds is unique framework has created what we believe to be a sustainable and scalable organization aligned in partnership with our investors.
Our dedication to our mission has defined TradeWinds as an industry leader.

Why Choose Us


TradeWinds is established as the fastest growing company in a modern industry by enhancing the usability of our product(s) as well as developing and delivering useful and innovative products, services and solutions.


TradeWinds' activity is based and lead by the principles of transparency in conducting its business with clients and partners.


TradeWinds aim is to always do and provide the best possible level of services for all our stakeholders, employees and business partners. TradeWinds refuses to and does not take decisions that may favor one over the other.


TradeWinds is doing business in a responsible manner by complying with all relevant to its business and applicable requirements, laws and regulations imposed by the Regulator.

Safe And Secure

TradeWinds adheres to strict security measures with top notch security tools to ensure secured transaction at all time.


TradeWinds adheres to the principles of sustainable development by creating a corporate culture of inclusion, openness and transparency.

How It Works

  • Buy a plan

    Transfer Ether, Bitcoin to purchase an investment plan.

  • Exposure to real estate

    Working with top advisors and legal firms, Tradewinds invest in real estate assets.

  • Diversify Investment

    Tradewinds utilizes partnerships with expert traders and miners to diversify investors funds into heavy-capital projects.

  • Asset-Backed

    Stability and security through an asset-backed investment.

Our Experts

Our team of highly experienced experts work round the clock to ensure you get your returns.

Grigori Moyen

An experienced investor in acquisitions, financing, operations and trading. Private equity and corporate experience having worked in global fixed income markets and investment management in Asia and Europe.

Joseph Martinus J.

With many years as a proactive portfolio manager, investment analyst and corporate finance executive. Joseph employs a structured, ethical and risk-aware approach to deliver alignment of operational, strategic and brings value creation.

Edward Clare

A Mayfair based entrepreneur & venture capital investor. Edward is the co-founder of Spe Ventures, a property focused private equity boutique. Skilled in Negotiation, Business Planning, Business Strategy, and Financial Analysis

Roald Baldric Liang

Experienced Management consultant in developing business ecosystems. Vetted market trader in quantitative methods.


How to make the first deposit?
All financial transactions are conducted through a secure online environment. You can come up with our advice and get the necessary guides.
Is it possible that I will not make a profit and lose some money?
Yes, our project is not completely risk-free. All investments always send a certain risk factor. However, not every risk needs to be justified, but minimized. That is precisely the purpose of our team and business model.
How to get started?
After we have thoroughly explained how TradeWinds works, we will get you started on the most suitable investment plan. As soon as you settle with a plan, we will happily walk you through the process of funding your investment account for profit.
Will you refund back my money if I decide not to continue with my investment?
Yes, contact us if you want a refund at any time. Your request will be processed and a refund will be issued.
What are your fees?
Our fees are on commission bases and apply only on profits earned and not your initial investment. In other words, we apply our fees only if your profits are huge... well significantly HUGE!
Do you apply fees on deposits or withdrawals?
No, we do not charge any fees on deposit or withdrawal, however, when buying or selling over any trading website such website shall apply its own fees.
Do I need to certify my account?
Yes, we do have a strict policy and full KYC (know your customer) is to be carried out before we onboard you as our clients.
Can I expect huge returns?
There are no guaranteed returns, however, the return of investments on most of the crypto markets chosen returned an average of 800% yearly.