Join the Financial Revolution,
Simply For Everyone!

Join the Financial Revolution,
Simply For Everyone!

Get access to investment opportunities usually reserved for large institutions

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About us

TradeWinds offers investors the opportunity to obtain exposure to cryptocurrencies, whilst benefiting from the stability of asset-backed security. TradeWinds also allows investors the opportunity to move against volatility in the cryptocurrency markets, without incurring the frictional costs of converting their holdings into fiat.

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TradeWinds is established as the fastest growing company in a modern industry by enhancing the usability of our product(s) as well as developing and delivering useful and innovative products, services and solutions.


TradeWinds' activity is based and lead by the principles of transparency in conducting its business with clients and partners.


TradeWinds aim is to always do and provide the best possible level of services for all our stakeholders, employees and business partners. TradeWinds refuses to and does not take decisions that may favor one over the other.


TradeWinds is doing business in a responsible manner by complying with all relevant to its business and applicable requirements, laws and regulations imposed by the Regulator.

Safe And Secure

TradeWinds adheres to strict security measures with top notch security tools to ensure secured transaction at all time.


TradeWinds adheres to the principles of sustainable development by creating a corporate culture of inclusion, openness and transparency.

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